Transform Healthcare Communication
Medentee brings medical institutions, healthcare professionals, and patients together in a secure environment. Our feature-rich solution includes safe messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing, network building, case management, and access to an international community. All are easily accessible via iOS, Android, or the web.
The Challenges of Traditional Healthcare Communication
Currently, communication between healthcare professionals, institutions, and patients is often fragmented and inefficient, with multiple channels and tools being used to exchange information and coordinate care.
Medical institutions
(where they work, provide services to or own)
Between healthcare professional groups and teams
This can lead to confusion, delays, and errors, and can negatively impact patient outcomes.
There is a clear need for a single platform that can bring together healthcare professionals, institutions, and patients in a secure and integrated manner, and streamline the communication and coordination of care.
Such a solution would be a major step forward in addressing the challenges of fragmentation in the healthcare sector and improving patient outcomes.
Discover the Future of Seamless Healthcare Communication
All must-have features in a single platform
Navigate the platform with ease thanks to our modern interface, designed with you in mind.
User-friendly Design
Case Management
Keep track of your patients' cases in a simple way. Never forget important details and access case information from any device you are logged in.
Discuss everything you need in a private chat or group one. Make video calls from your laptop or phone.
File Cloud
Securely upload your documents, images, videos, 3D models, presentations, and archives straight into MedCloud.
Knowledge Sharing
Level up your expertise by reading our articles, watching educational videos, and listening to podcasts with other doctors.
International Community
Connect with doctors, professionals, and nurses from all around the world. Expand your network in several clicks.
Take Medentee for a test-drive
Become a member of a global medical community
Increase your expertise by learning from professionals and other doctors. Read medical articles, watch expert videos and listen to podcasts whenever you want.
Level up
Be in touch with your patients through the chat and calls. See their case history, make private notes if needed, and attach relevant files without leaving the platform.
  • Organize your clinic’s/hospital’s workflow in a simple way

  • Run all needed meetings with your staff in voice channels or through the group video call option
  • Enjoy a user-friendly design and cross-platform compatibility for easy access from any device (computer or smartphone)
See your case information any time and get notified once there is something new from your doctor.
Be Notified
Communicate 24/7
Get in touch with your doctor in a few clicks, using chat or video call options.
Stay synced on any device
Never miss an important update from your colleagues or patients with our real time notifications.
Stay synced on any device
Never miss an important update from your colleagues or patients with our real time notifications.
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